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Note for the participants: Please, pay attention to the video description requirements!

  1. Participants should be over 18 y.o., citizens of Russian Federation, working in sports and fitness clubs.
  2. Participation is free of charge.
  3. The applications are submitted within the 20th of May, 2014.
  4. Assessment by expert board (the Jury): 20 of May - June, 31, 2014.
  5. The score will be available online at the participant's page on a rolling basis.
  6. Finals and Onfit Awards Ceremony will take place in August, 2014.


The two-stage contest includes:

  1. Distant contest
    1. The board of professional experts evaluates participants on the out of 3 basis.
      You may find the detailed evaluation criteria below.
    2. Competitors, who gain the highest average score, reach the Finals.
  2. Finals
    The Finals will take place at the World Gym fitness club, in the presence of finalists, expert board and guests. Each finalist prepares and demonstrates a personal workout with random clients of fitness-community, as well as answers the experts’ questions. The finalist, who gains the highest score in nomination, is the winner. (The experts’ evaluation results are marked in the personalized file, the file scans are available to any participant on request. One can also obtain the originals at the office of Onfit.ru, where the files will be stored).

How to become a participant

  1. Shoot a video of your personal training aimed at shape correcting and development of physical skills.
  2. Fill in and submit the entry application.
  3. Provide a link for the video. You may use a file hosting (we recommend  files.mail.ru and narod.yandex.ru), or upload the video at YouTube, Vkontakte etc.

Video requirements

1. Length of video: 25 min (longer videos are not accepted).

2. Quality: high quality (the colors, face features, motions, participant’s voice should be apparent).

3. Content:

    • «Business card»
      Presentation: trainer’s name and family name, place of work. Mention the client’s data: the goal, corrected by the trainer, real and measurable, its achievement estimation and reasoning.
      You may also mention the client’s fitness level (reasoning: which factors refer to the client's level from the trainer’s point of view (such as level of physical activity, training experience etc.). You may mention possible loads limitation or restrictions, give reasons. 
    • Warming up should not be included in video.
    • Workout.
    • Stretching (1-2 video fragments).

4. Only one participant (except the trainer) on camera. Age, sex and other client’s characteristics make no difference.

5. Equipment: any.

6. Music: any.

7. Advertising: a participant may advertise the fitness club which he/she represents, using POS-materials at backstage during the training (such as promo-stands, stickers, posters, banners etc.). The participant’s clothes may also include fitness club logo. Advertising of other goods or service is forbidden. The video should not include a fitness club commercial. 

8. Technical Requirements: any video format, not less than 320px at wide side, distinct sound.

9. You may upload your video at YouTube, Vkontakte etc, or use a file hosting (we recommend  files.mail.ru and narod.yandex.ru). Specify the link to the video in your application form.

10. You are obliged to store a high quality sample of the video or the source files at your PC. The event providers have a right to request such materials.

11. Video Description Requirements:

- the goal, mentioned by the client

- the goal, corrected by the trainer (specific, real and measurable), estimated time to reach the goal, reasoning

- the client’s fitness level and reasoning: which factors refer to the client's level from the trainer’s point of view (such as level of physical activity, training experience etc.). The tests, carried out prior the training.

- fitness program description and reasoning during mesocycle of 1 month.

Note (excluding the author training): while giving reasons for the recommendations participants are advised to mention references to authoritative source: manuals, scientific publications, etc. Reference to the non-specialists fitness literature is inappropriate.



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